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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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it found roughly 18,400 workers, or 18 percent, would benefit from raising the minimum wage from 7 dollars and 25 cents to 10 dollars and 10 cents an hour. today, linn county supervisor brent oleson presented the study to the board of supervisors for consideration. oleson highlighted some demographics that show who would benefit from a minimum wage increase. the public policy study found 22 percent of the people whose wages would increase are parents... 13 percent are minorities.... 19 percent are below the poverty line... and 22 percent are on food stamps. last year, johnson county approved a minimum wage increase that goes up to ten dollars- ten cents an hour by 2017. t-v nine's dave franzman joins us live from the linn county administrative building. dave, the linn county supervisors don't want to follow the example of jojonson county? bruce, supervisor oleson isn't a fan of the
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there debated and passed a minimum wage change in a a matter of weeks. some small towns voted on their own to opt out. he sees a much slower approach with representativ es of communities talking it over first. at the blue strawberry, owner mike monnahan has anywhere between 8 and 12 full time employees depending on the season. all start at least a little bit above the federal $7.25 an hour minimum wage. but a county-wide minimum wage hike would still have an impact here. so his advice to supervisors... think it through before you act. "i think the idea of discussions with local business owners... is something that would be of value" linn county supervisors who listened to wage facts and figures decided to start with just a small step. that would include
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employees and community representatives to see if a higher county minimum wage would have support. and supervisoo want to see what state lawmakers do first. "i see a three to six month time line here... definitely want to watch what's going on in the legislature... but if nothing happens this legislative session you could see something happen in linn county. " oleson says he wants to avoid the protest battles that marked the debate in johnson county and prompted some communities to reject a higher minimum wage in that county. one economic development group leader also encouraged supervisors to avoid an "us versus them" approach. " i would encovrage you to be careful not to craft this as businene versus labor... that the chamber of commerce would necessarily be opposed to this " supervisor oleson says he'll put an item on the county's agenda next week to begirecruiting
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possible impact of a higher minimum wage in linn county. live in cedar rapids, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. kcrg-tv9's joe winters joins us now. joe, after a few frigid days, things warmed back up a little today in eastern iowa. how long is this warmer weather going to stick around? what a nice change as the cold weather has moved east for r couple of days. lows tonight stay in the 20s and with a partly cloudy day on thursday we should see some middle to upper 30s throughout eastern iowa. as our next storm approaches thursday night, some light mix could develop friday. cold arcticcir then pours into the region for the weekend and sticks with us for the early night! tonight: partly cloudy low: 20-26 winds: sw 5-10 tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 36-42
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bruce and beth... it's been a cold day at the linn county courthouse after a hot water line ruptured last night. staff had to turn off heat to the courthouse and the linn county jail after an eight inch feeder le started leaking. people bundled up in coats to stay warm. workers thought they had fixed the problem, but then a feeder pipe blew this morning. now experts have to take a look at the entire system. "after the flood of 2008 the basement of this building, the first floor we call it, started out with a clean slate, so the system was put back in brand new. so we're looking now to bring in engineers and the craftsman who installed the system and try to determine what's going on." the pipes were leaking ethylene glycol, which is a clear liquid used in pipes to transfer heat. we understand they hope to fix the problem yet tonight, and turn
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midnight. cedar rapids police are investigating after one man showed up at saint luke's hospital with a stab wound today. police say a 20-year-old man walked into saint luke's around 5 a-m with non-life-threatening stab wounds. roughly one hour later, a second 20-year-old man showed up at the hospital with injuries, though he was not stabbed. officers say both men were injured in an incident at 59 dartmouth street southwest in cedar rapids. police found a third person at the home, and are working to determine whether others were involved. so far, police have not made any arrests. the chief justice of the iowa supreme court says the state is making progress in addressing racial disparities in the court system. chief justice mark cady told lawmakers today more than 700 judges, magistrates, and staffers went through inequality training last year. the training aims to help them recognize certain biases that contribute to racial disparity. cady delivered his annual condition of the judiciary address. the judicial branch wants more than 190 million dollars in
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the next fiscal year. iowa senator chuck grassley says he didn't appreciate one part of president obama's state of the union address last night. the president acknowledge d that terrorists overseas should be stopped, but he said they're not a threat to our national existance. today grassley said he wished obama would have focused more on terrorist threats. " i think, though, in a lot of cases he's just plain wrong, i kind of feel that he poopooed the dangersrsf terrorism last night, not enough emphasis on that " grassley also said he wished obama would have spoken more about the economy and the middle class. for the first time in history, iowa will host a foreign diplomatic office. radio iowa reports the epublic of kosovo is planning to open a consulate in the saddlery building in downtown des moines this month. kosovo's only other presence in the u-s is its
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consulate in new york city. kosovo i ia territory in southeastern europe. a senior u-s defense official says 10 american sailors who were briefly held by iran are now at a u-s military facility in qatar . this is video released by iran's state run t-v of the american soldiers yesterday. nine men and one woman were held in an iranian base in the persian gulf after they were detained. the u-s military said mechanical trouble caused them to drift into iranian waters. today, secretary of state john kerry thanked iran for working with the u-s to resolve the issue. " all indications suggest, or tell us, that our sailors were well-taken care of, provided with blankets and food and assisted with their return to the fleet earlier today." the white house says last year's nuclear agreement with iran probably helped get the sailors released quickly. also, secretary of state john kerry
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iran will likely be in compliance with that nuclear plan in the coming days. last year, diplomts from several countries negotiated with iran to change its nuclear program in exchange for relief from economic sanctions. but today, house republicans passed legislation that would give congress greater oversight of that nuclear agreement. president obama has promised to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. powerball says it's already sold 85 percent of possible ticket combinations ahead of night's 1-point-5 5 llion dollar drawing. many retailers in eastern iowa are taking powerball- mania straight to the bank.
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weather has moved east for a couple of days. lows tonight stay in the 20s and with a partly cloudy day on thursday we should see some middle to upper 30s throughout eastern iowa. as our next storm approaches thursday night, some light mix could develop with light snow showers possible friday. cold arctic air then pours into the egion for the weekend and sticks with us for the early part of the week. have a great night! tonight: partly cloudy low: 20-26 winds: sw 5-10 tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 36-42 winds: s 5-15tomorrow night: chance of light mix low: 24-30 winds: s 5-15friday: chance of light snow high: 32 - low: 27 saturday: chance of light snow late high: 9 - low: 9 sunday: sunny and cold high: 1 - low: -5
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high: 9 - low: -8 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 20 - low: 4 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 30 - low: 16
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now here's katie wiedemann with a look at what you'll see tonight on kcrg t-v nine news at six. "volunteers spend countless hours working for no pay. but the united way of dbq says
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find out how much it costs non profits to get and keep volunteers. " a grgrp representing older adults says the cedar rapids area needs a senior center. and the group has an idea of where it wants one built. stay with tv-9.
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lot have enough room for a third program? considering plans to possibly build a new home for linn county public health and child and youth development services. now a group representing older
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excellent senior center as well. on monday, linn county supervisors started the process of a joint building project on this county- owned vacant lot. the plan was to put linn unty public health a a child development services in a combined building. both county departments have buildings with structural issues. today, groups representing seniors told supervisors that site would also b perfect for a senior center. "it's just amazing that this community does not have a place for older adults to go to and a senior center, or older adult facility, can be very vibrant." the initial estimate for a joint public health and child development building here was in the 10- million dollar range. supervisors told the group to begin planning to see if their ideas could work in the same location. several hundred business leaders and community membererfrom the cedar rapids -- iowa city corridor gathered today to hear about the
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economy. charlie evans, who is president and c-e-o of the federal reserve bank of chicago, told the group he predicts a growth of two to two- and-a half per cent in the gross domestic product this year... and he also expects unemployment to drop below five per cent. a panel discussion also focused on local job prospects, and how iowa's econoic strength could slow down in 2016 but looks promising beyond that. the federal reserve says the economy grew across in most of the u-s last month and in early january. the chicago regional bank was one of nine federal reserve banks to report growth. there are 12 regional banks in the u-s. consumer spending activity showed a slight to moderate growth in most areas. but most manufacturin g industries, excece for automakers and aircraft manufacturers, showed weakening activities. the report, known as the beige book, will be used for
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central bank meets later this month. all-terrain vehicles are banned from roads in many states, including iowa. but small communities across the nation are increasingly bending the rules for riders. a-t-v manufacturer s warn their vehicles aren't stable on flat roads high speeds. and public health officials are worried about crashes on roads that kill more than 300 riders each year. iowa law allows counties to open their county highways to a-t-v riders if they choose to do so. quite a few businesses in eastern iowa are cashing in powerbaa jackpot. businesses get a cut of each ticket they sell, and they're selling a lot of tickets. stay with tv-9.
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that's still astronomical
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tonight's drawing. powerball says people have already selected 85 point eight per cent of possible number combinations. businesses are also cashing in on the jackpot, because they get a small portion of every ticket they sell. there are dozens of businesses in johnson county that sell powerball tickets. mainly gas stations, grocery and convenience stores. this is video from inside the first avenue hy-vee in iowa city today. kcrg was there for about 20 minutes, and probably saw about 20 people buy tickets. businesses in iowa get 12 cents for every ticket they sell. that might not seem like a lot, but it really adds up especially when the line for tickets rarely dies down. . "usually when they come in they'll see the line and they'll come over and stand in line and pick up a ticket because they want to be part of the action too " if an iowa business sells the
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get an additional 10- thousand dollars. this jackpot is bringing out many first time players. tonight at six we'll explain the challenge that's creating for people trying to sell ththtickets. the dubuque fighting saints made a donation today to help people receiving cancer treatments. back in november, members of the hockey team aempted to grow beards as part o o"no shave november". they also auctioned off several one-of-a-kind team jerseys. today the saints gave more than 48-hundred dollars to the wendt regional cancer center. "we've actually had some team membebe who have lost family members to cancer. so it's not only important to our team it's important to the whole community. " this is the second year in a row the saints raised money for the the w wndt regional cancnc center. now here's a look at some of what you'll see at 5:30 on a-b-c. coming up, the us sailors on their knees, hands on their heads showing video of them apologizing...the major noreaster on the way...and powerball fever tonight where
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country, and 85 percent chance someone will the officers involved in a shooting from october will not face charges. and we look into what money granted to eastern iowa volunteer organizations goes to. tonight at 6.
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recapping today's top story, the linn county board of supervisors took a small step today in looking at a possible county-wide minimum wage increase. supervisor brent oleson prsented a study from the iowa policy project that analyzed the impact of raising linn county's minimum wage to 10 dollars and 10 cents an hour. oleson said he thinks linn county should take a slow approach, and discuss the measure with business owners. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast. what a nice@change as the cold weather has moved east for a couple of days. lows tonight stay in the 20s and with a partly cloudy day on thursday we should see some middle to upper 30s throughout eastern iowa. as our next storm approaches thursday night, some light mix could develop with light snow showers possible friday. cold arctic air then pours into the region for the weekend and sticks with us for the early part of the week. have a great night! tonight: partly cloudy low: 20-26 winds: sw 5-10 tomorrow: partly cloudy higig 36-42
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